JURNAL : Analysis On The Students’ Descriptive Writing In Dual- Degree

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Analysis On The Students’ Descriptive Writing In Dual- Degree
ABSTRAK - Studi ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui kemampuan mahasiswa dalam menulis descriptive writing dan juga bertujuan untuk mengetahui permasalahan yang mereka hadapi dalam menulis descriptive writing pada mahasiswa angkatan 2014 Dual-Degree STIKOM Bali dalam mata kuliah Bahasa Inggris. Studi ini menggunakan teori English Grammar dan teori Writing khususnya descriptive writing. Terdapat 31 data yang diperoleh dari writing mahasiswa untuk dianalisis dengan menggunakan metode pengumpulan data kualitatif. Dari analisis data yang telah dilakukan, ditemukan tiga descriptive writing mahasiswa yang tidak sesuai. Dapat disimpulkan bahwa dari segi kesesuaian dalam menulis descriptive writing sudah baik. Namun, dari segi permasalahan dalam menulis, mahasiswa mempunyai masalah dalam mengembangkan pokok pikiran utama dari paragraf identification ke paragraf description, dan masalah lainnya adalah dalam hal pengaturan tulisan yang kurang tepat, sehingga, tulisan mereka menjadi tidak padu.

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PENDAHULUAN - English is an international language. It is meant that all people should be able to communicate using this language. In Indonesia, this language is offered in the school curriculum started from junior high school. There are two kinds of communications, oral and written. Writing is one way to communicate indirectly with the other people. To write, the use of proper language is very important to make people understand what it is about. This is one of the highest skills to be learned among speaking, and listening at all stages of education, from kindergarten until university. Students who write in their first language might be easier than if they write in foreign language such as English. Learning this writing skill in English, must be very difficult for the students, because it is not their first language. They must be faced some difficulties in doing a writing itself and also how to use a proper English. In the case of grammar, the students have to deal with some different grammatical, structures in English. But usually, there must be some similarities between their foreign language and their first language in this case is between Indonesian language and English. Those similarities will help the learners in understanding their foreign language. As formulated by Lado (1957), Contrastive Analysis suggests that difficulties in acquiring a new (second) language are derived from the differences between the new language and the native (first) language of a language learner. Besides, grammatical problem, the most important thing is how to start writing particularly writing a descriptive paragraph. Most of the students always write whatever they want to write without thinking and planning the framework of their writing first. Therefore, some of them actually do not understand where their topic of writing and what type of writing that they have made.


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