Jurnal : Error-free Simplification of Transparent Mamdani Systems

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Jurnal : Error-free Simplification of Transparent MamdaniSystems
(Jurnal Teknik Informatika)

This paper shows that combinatorial complexity offuzzy  systems  is  at  least  in  part  caused  by  redundancy  in  thesesystems  and  presents  the  algorithm  and  its  implementation  fordetection and removal of such redundancy for a special class ofMamdani systems. Performance of the simplification algorithm isdemonstrated with uniformly impressive results on acknowledgedbenchmarks  coming  from  different  areas  of  engineering  -  truckbacker-upper  control,  Mackey-Glass  time  series  prediction  andIris data classification

First  of  all,  commonly  there  is  not  enough  material  (data)or  immaterial  (knowledge) evidence to  cover the  input  spaceuniversally, not only because it would be too time consumingto  collect  exhaustive  evidence  in  large  scale  applications  butalso because of potential inconsistency that certain antecedentcombinations  may  present  (an  antecedent  ”IF  sun  is  brightAND rain is heavy” could be one such example).Moreover,   it   is   common   practice   that   for   the   sake   ofcompactness, the rules with little relevance are excluded fromthe model (for all we know they may be based on few noisysamples). The exclusion decision of a given rule may be basedon its contribution to approximation properties (using singularvalue  decomposition,  orthogonal  transforms,  etc.

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Jurnal : Error-free Simplification of Transparent Mamdani Systems

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